Edgy, smart and dynamic ideas come into being with the complete conceptual process that includes concept making, Story Development, Story boarding, Pre-visualization and Calculation. A working pattern that is direction oriented will directly head to creating something clear and absolute that reflects in both the film as well as its print shoot production. The dynamic taste and the in depth passion definitely adds to crafting an impactful and positive experience to the entire film making process, topped up with creative direction and a delightful always on the go, on set crew. The hands on experience doesn’t end just there, it moves on to handling the post production and the complex of jobs such as Digital Compositing, Visual Effects, Color Grading, Motion design, Sound Editing and Finishing with the involvement of renowned post production studios. Every idea takes a shift to a never seen before realm with the support of the equally aspiring backup team. For an idea to come to life we also believe in knowing and being a keen observer of people. This makes every character get its originality and helps at bringing alive nuances in the characters we create. We know our creations are a definite piece of art when it’s meaningful, provocative and creates lasting impression.
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